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The high performance cloud service for delivering comments, ratings, reviews and more.

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The robust, easy-to-use service for user-generated content

Most social platforms are complex, hard to integrate, and offer little flexibility to adapt to the needs of an application.

Episerver Social offers high performance and reliability with an easy-to-use API – without the bloat and complexity of other platforms.

The modular design of Episerver Social allows developers to pair services together to construct sophisticated social content solutions.

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Collect reviews

Combine comments and ratings to gather, manage, and display product reviews that help drive conversions and increase SEO.

Moderate activity

Review user-generated content with extensible workflow services to maintain a dialogue with your audience and restrict access to exclusive communities.

Build community

Combine users and content to create meaningful social communities for a site, brand, or industry.

Content streams

Syndicate activities occuring within your application with individualized content streams.