What is the purpose of this site?

This portal is intended to provide developers with an opportunity to explore the capabilities of Episerver Social, a platform for modeling and managing user-generated content. Here you can create a trial instance of Episerver Social, which grants you full access to the Episerver Social platform for a limited period of time.

During that period of time you can use an instance to:

  • Learn to work with the Episerver Social framework
  • Build and explore demonstration applications
  • Build a proof of concept or prototype

How do I sign up for a trial?

As a first time user of this site, you can begin the sign up process by signing in with your Episerver World account.

Episerver World is the official developer community for Episerver products. If you do not have an Episerver World account, we welcome you to register for one. Once you have an account with Episerver World, you can return to this site to continue the sign up process.

What is an Episerver Social instance?

An Episerver Social instance is a private repository for user-generated content. It allows developers building applications with community features to model, store, and deliver their social content.

An Episerver Social instance provides access to all of Episerver Social's services, including:

  • Comments
  • Ratings
  • Moderation
  • Activity Streams
  • Group

How do I get started with Episerver Social?

The Episerver Social Developer Guide is a great place to get started with the platform.

The Developer Guide includes:

  • A full overview of each feature
  • Installation instructions
  • Descriptions and usage examples for all components
  • Implementation considerations and best practices

The Episerver Social blog also provides helpful insights into developing with Episerver Social, which include feature overviews, implementation recipes, and product news.

Where can I find samples?

A number of sample implementations are available on GitHub to get you started:

  • SocialAlloy - This is a clone of Episerver's starter site Alloy, which has been modified to demonstrate the implementation of various community features. It provides simple demonstrations of each of Episerver Social's features and can be a helpful point of reference as you begin working with Episerver Social.
  • SocialQuicksilver - This is a clone of Episerver's starter site Quicksilver, which has been modified to demonstrate how product reviews can be added to a site with Episerver Social.

Where can I get assistance regarding Episerver Social's features and API?

The Episerver Social discussion forum can be found at Episerver World. This forum is monitored by the Episerver development team, product managers, and support engineers making it the perfect place to get assistance.

Are there restrictions on what I can do with my instance?

The instances that you create are intended for trial purposes only. In general, this means:

  • An instance may not be used in production environments.
  • Instances are rate limited and may not be used during load or stress tests.
  • An instance will become inaccessible when the trial period ends.
  • Trial instances do not imply any SLA.

For specific terms of use, please review the details of an Episerver demonstration license. An instance may be removed if Episerver feels that it is not being used in accordance with the terms.

I've reached my quota of instances. How can I create another one?

Each user is allotted a quota of instances, which they are allowed to create. When those instances have been consumed, additional instances cannot be created.

As instances expire, you may create new ones to replace them. You may also remove instances that you are no longer using, which will allow you to create additional ones.

What happens when my instance expires?

When an instance expires, all of its content is removed and the instance will no longer be accessible to any application. The trial period cannot be extended. However, an expired instance may be replaced by creating a new one.

I reuse my instance for demonstrations. How can I maintain my content after expiration?

Existing content is removed when your Episerver Social instance expires. If you reuse an application for demonstrations, it's recommended that you implement a seeding process to restore your demonstration content to a new instance.

When does my instance expire?

The expiration dates for your instances can be found on the My Instances page after you log in.